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An interview with Camilla rose millinery

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Camilla Rose is a London based luxury milliner that is renowned for crafting beautiful architectural structures with textured materials.  Initially, Camilla Rose was inspired by a knowledge of textiles and interior design and while searching for an outlet where she could combine a mix of creative skills, Camilla discovered millinery and this led her to creating unique hats and then she developed her own brand – Camila Rose Millinery.

With millinery ranging from hats with soft, elegant curves to hexagonal straw boater style headpieces, Camilla Rose has a unique hat for every woman and has dressed women for many popular racing and socialite events. We sat down with Camilla to understand more about her work and discover what direction her brand is racing towards…

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Could you explain in some more detail how your work with interior design influences your millinery?

I was fortunate enough to start my career working alongside an interior designer that I had always admired. His work is layered with colours and textures and he scrutinised the tiniest details, nothing ever overlooked. His work showed to me how important the little things are in making the overall effect a success. I try to incorporate that idea into my own work as a milliner.

Following that, how would you describe your brand and the hats within your most recent collection?

My current collection, Architect really epitomises the Camilla Rose brand and the things that inspired me visually last year. I have played with the layering of textures and different shapes, from the soft curves of the Volute to the angular lines of the Arris, uniting them with pops of block colour.

Camilla Rose Millinery on the front cover of Country Life

Of the whole process involved with creating a collection like Architect, from concept to creation and then someone wearing your hat. What is your favourite moment within this?

My favourite moment is always when I see my customer try on the finished hat. Their smile is always amazing and I always feel so thrilled that I played a small part in making them feel so fantastic.

You’ve had many great people wearing your headwear but if you could pick one person to wear your millinery, who would it be?

I couldn’t name one. There are so many gorgeous and incredible people out there that I want to see wearing Camilla Rose.

As you know, hats are in vogue for all sorts of socialite events but where else would you like to see people wearing millinery?

I think that hats have become much more popular in the last decade with much younger people now wanting to wear them. People can wear terribly grand or super fun hats to weddings now and can also look amazing in a summer trilby or fedora at Wimbledon. There is pretty much a hat or headpiece out there for every occasion, if you want to wear one!

Right now, you’re making so many women feel amazing in your headwear but where do you see the Camilla Rose brand in 5 years time?

I would like to focus on what I am currently doing and continue to build my brand and reputation. I’d also like to design some further collections in addition to my current ranges.

Lastly, could you please tell us your top 3 millinery moments? What top situations involving hats have inspired you?

My top millinery moment is still one of the first hats I ever made for a friend, she was so unsure of hats but when she put it on she was so happy and the hat made her feel confident and the reaction I got from her made me realise that I wanted to do this for others.  People often say ‘hats don’t suit me’. I don’t think that’s true, they just haven’t found the right one yet!

My next best millinery moments are yet to come…