Emily-Jean Millinery

An Interview with Emily-Jean Millinery

Published in Designers.

In-between running her renowned millinery business in Ireland, developing collections for LoveHats and working with private clients – luxe hat maker Emily-Jean spent some time with us so we could get an in-depth look into her elegant and feminine brand.

Emily-Jean is one of the Ireland’s most talented milliners who has established herself in the bridal market for millinery and developed a signature look which is now known to be expressed using a wide variety of silks, satins, plumes, quills and ribbons. Emily Jean’s design philosophy is simple; to create high quality, stylish, feminine headwear that complements the woman adorning it.

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- Obviously your hats were perfect for Royal Ascot. If you had to give a piece of advice to a lady choosing a hat for future races, what would you say?

As a general rule, I always advise clients to complement their outfit, rather than choosing a hat or headpiece that could overwhelm. However, racing hats can be more adventurous. I recommend a statement design and bold colours, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd, but bear in mind that the coordinating dress style should be kept simple and unobtrusive, so as not to compete with your winning hat.

- Thanks to your fantastic design, your millinery has been the winning hat for many socialites. But is there anyone you would still like to wear one of your hats?

It is always a privilege to have a well known celebrity endorse your designs and I have been lucky enough to have some of Ireland’s high profile personalities wear my hats. The ideal celebrity would be someone who reflects the essence of my brand, in terms of femininity, style and sophistication. It would be wonderful to see a personality similar to Cate Blanchett or Marion Cotillard. However, I get great pleasure from every one of my clients wearing one of my hats..

- How do you hope that your clients feel when they adorn one of your headpieces?

Many people are unfamiliar with headpieces, as it’s not part of everyday fashion. When a client wears one of my pieces, firstly I want them to feel confident and comfortable in their skin. The headpiece should provide a stylish and elegant adornment that enhances an overall look, while also providing individuality in design.

- It’s great that you get a pleasure from your customers wearing your hats! What is your favourite moment in the whole millinery creation process?

I love the creative process and developing new pieces, but it takes a long time to get from inspiration to finished design, I am a firm believer in the saying – ‘10% inspiration 90% perspiration’! So for me, the best moment in the whole process is when the design hits the right note and by that I mean, when I reach the stage of where I can look at the hat or headpiece and know instinctively I’ve created what I set out to do.

- You mentioned for many customers – hats are unfamiliar territory. And while hats are in vogue for all sorts of socialite events, are there events that you think more people should wear headwear at, that they don’t already?

I would love to see more headwear coming back to red carpet events like the Oscars. It would help to re-ignite the heyday of headwear and Hollywood glamour. There are numerous styles of tiara’s and pillbox designs that would really set off a stunning dress.. Headwear is an accessory, just like jewellery and it should be worn much more often to great effect. I rarely attend an event without something in my hair. For evenings out I would suggest a side piece with either a jewel detail or a flower crown, which is very on trend at the moment.

- Great advice. So, over the next 12 months what can your customers expect from you?

Over the next 12 months I will be focusing on expanding the brand into new overseas markets. One of my hats recently won an award at the Kentucky Derby, so the US socialite events are on my radar – as well as France and Dubai! That’s the great thing about LoveHats, people all over the world can try on my designs!

- Thank-you for giving us an insight into your brand Emily-Jean