Emma Yeo SS15

An Interview with Emma Yeo

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In-between showing her new collection at London Fashion Week with the British Fashion Council’s Headonism initiative and flying straight over to Milan to showcase with Vogue Talents Corner, we were lucky that Emma Yeo could sit down with us for a few minutes to discuss her latest S|S15 collection!

Emma’s S|S15 collection ‘The Space Between’ shows the evolution of her work, her now signature wooden sculptural aesthetic is evolving into a graphical metal aesthetic. However her uncompromising interest in lines and silhouettes is still obvious. Emma’s fantastic millinery has adorned the likes of GaGa and on the cast of Disney film ‘The Lone Ranger’.

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- How was the process of creating your SS15 collection, different from previous seasons?

The SS15 brings together familiar processes from previous collections including brass etching & laser cutting – which now play a more equal part, I’ve also incorporated some more classic forms including large brims & visors.

- Your collections are innovative with a new millinery approach. Are there other boundaries you’d like to push?

Of course! One area I’m currently getting behind the scenes in & plan on getting my hands into is blocking & block making,  I love the craftsmanship involved and it’s important to look at new millinery processes to create unique & individual forms.

- It sounds like designing comes easy to you?

I’m really passionate about design & making! I get inspired by new ideas or concepts all the time, it can get a little obsessive at times especially when I’m hooked on an idea.. It’s a wonderful never ending process!

- How has the support from Headonism helped your passion and brand?

Being part of Headonism has been an incredible experience, it is a huge platform for new milliners to promote Millinery during London Fashion Week. In addition the BFC initiative has also been a wonderful opportunity to gain hidden advise & support from establish milliners such as Noel Stewart and Stephen Jones.

- What’s the future for Emma Yeo now LFW S|S15 is over?

Following london fashion week I have been invited by Vogue Italia to Milan to show in Vogue Talent corner which is really exciting! As soon as I’m back, it will be straight in the studio to start designing AW15 & making the SS15 orders.

- What materials are you most excited to work with in the future?

Wood & brass are my signature choice of material, and will always play a key roll in my collections. Undeniably I have a really strong interest in new & innovative  materials so I’m always on the look out of something interesting to work with. I have a few things I’m playing around with for next season, but down the line who knows maybe a light weight concert or maybe some sculptural raped prototyping or high tech paper work.

- What can we expect from the Emma Yeo brand over the next 6 months?

Following London Fashion Week I have been invited by Vogue Italia to Milan to show in Vogue Talent corner which is really exciting!As soon as I’m back it will be strait in the studio to start designing AW15 & making the SS15 orders.

- And so we get to know you slightly better, what’s the favourite thing to put on your own head?

Im really loving wearing visors, you can dress them down or up depending on your mood keeping the look individual & classy. There’s also some in my S|S15 collection, which i’ll wear!

Emma Yeo S|S15