Beth Morgan

Published in Designers.

From whimsical ethereal bridal headpieces to dramatic statement hats, Beth Morgan’s headwear has gained strong press and TV coverage in the decade since her launch. Such titles as Vogue and Conde Nast Bride capture the romance and vintage essence of her bridal pieces in particular.

Beth draws much of her inspiration from the fashion world in which she worked in for several years before her passion for millinery began to take over – headpieces made for friends and family rapidly turned into growing demand for commissions.  Vintage shops and black and white films also inspire her breath-taking designs, which combine classic elegance with flashes of contemporary colour and styling.

‘I have always loved hats…..While doing my A levels I specialised in making headdresses out of unusual materials and my love of being able to physically make something that was half sculpture and half fashion item blossomed form there!’  – BETH MORGAN

An enthusiastic blogger, Beth Morgan demonstrates the passionate love of her trade, not only through her own designs but by avidly following other milliners and designers, citing those who inspire her. Beth’s effervescent and chatty style gives an insight into the world of millinery, while at the same time making hats more accessible to all (

Standout pieces from Beth Morgan’s collection are available from, look out for vintage veiling, blowsy blooms and splashes of bright summer colour.