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Rose Cory – The Legend

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‘Rose Cory… the milliner’s milliner.’ Vogue

A milliner for over forty years, Rose Cory is one of millinery’s all-time greats and best-kept secrets. A huge proportion of today’s leading milliners have at some point been trained by the iconic Rose Cory and use her as a benchmark by which to judge their own designs.

At the age of sixteen, after attending trade school, Rose Cory began an apprenticeship with Royal milliner Rudolf, arguably Europe’s most famous milliner of the time, where she trained intensively until the she was twenty-three.  Rose went on to gain experience with other prominent milliners of the day, such as Mitzi Lorenz, Verniers, Langee, Otto Lucas, Bermans Theatrical and Frederick Fox. During this time she made hats for many celebrities and members of the Royal Family. After seven years Rose returned to work for Rudolf who, as well as making hats for many eminent people and theatrical productions, was Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother’s milliner.

Rudolf died in 1982, and Rose Cory continued to work with his partner Miss Joy Quested Nowell until her death, making hats for the Queen Mother under her own label. Rose Cory’s signature style, that of the picture hat with upturned brim and large plume embellishment became the Queen Mother’s favourite style, and that most widely associated with her.

Master Milliner Rose Cory now teaches incredibly popular and world renowned millinery courses which remain true to traditional hat-making techniques and fabrics, attended by students from across the globe, many of whom go on to become successful milliners. The legend that is Rose Cory lives on…

‘Rose Cory who seems to have taught every couture milliner in the country.’ Harpers & Queen