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Sophie Beale

An interview with Sophie Beale

Published in Designers.

  Sophie Beale Millinery is a brand going from strength to strength within the UK. Named Britain’s Hottest New Milliner in 2012 and winner of various awards including the British Fashion Council and Grazia Magazine’s - Hat Factor, everyone in the fashion industry knows who Sophie Beale is! Since 2012, Sophie has gone on to receive world wide press, show… Read more »

Season Hats

An interview with Season Hats

Published in Designers.

There’s a new millinery company turning heads in town, meet Season Hats, a brand who are bringing a modern aesthetic to everyday headwear while still creating a product that is both wearable and flattering. The brand’s launch collection is available on LoveHats now and we caught up with the head strong duo, to discover what… Read more »