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2) The second big millinery moment that continued to spark Paul's career and brand was when The Season Hats were requested by Premiere Classe to show their collection in Paris. This prestigious show is very hard to get into and having them approach us was a true thrill.


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Certain moments in life pass you by and end up shaping your career or life as a whole. For a milliner, these moments are more than likely connected to hats. Exploring this idea further and to give you a deeper understanding of the inner mind of milliners, we asked Paul and Selina – the duo… Read more »

The Season Hats 2016

The Season Hats | Interview

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Husband and wife duo, Paul Stafford and Selina Horshi (alongside their dog Willow) are the team behind millinery brand, The Season Hats. This new London brand brings you intelligent, elegant and relevant hats – with innovation being a strong part of their DNA, after-all they created the unfolding hat; simple to store and timeless in form, it’s… Read more »