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Lisa Tan Millinery

An Interview With Lisa Tan Millinery

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London-based Australian milliner Lisa Tan creates elegant, sculptural designs using traditional millinery techniques and materials. Her signature style contrasts more flamboyant millinery, fusing classic styling with a modern edge to produce distinctive silhouettes with a less-is-more aesthetic. A passion for horse racing has been prominent throughout Lisa’s life and therefore race wear millinery is Lisa’s… Read more »

Here is the legendary image. Photo by Getty Images Entertainment | Andreas Rentz

Merve Bayindir’s Top Millinery Moments

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The best uses of millinery can happen anywhere, from the streets to a TV drama scene. Hats are used everyday to add character or to hint at an idea – in a way that only an accessory can. Millinery moments that inspire you, can change your life – especially for someone in the trade of… Read more »

Emily-Jean Millinery

An Interview with Emily-Jean Millinery

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In-between running her renowned millinery business in Ireland, developing collections for LoveHats and working with private clients – luxe hat maker Emily-Jean spent some time with us so we could get an in-depth look into her elegant and feminine brand. Emily-Jean is one of the Ireland’s most talented milliners who has established herself in the… Read more »

Merve Bayindir

An Interview with Merve Bayindir

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Merve Bayindir is a couture millinery brand based in London, founded by creative mother and daughter duo Yasemin Bayindir and Merve Bayindir. They have been creating innovative and architectural inspired headpieces as a team since 2011. Merve is proud to say that, “I believe my Turkish heritage will bring a whole new twist to the millinery world in UK.” We agree. From strong colours… Read more »