An Interview with Gina Foster

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Gina Foster’s beautiful and discrete shop is based at number 5 Kensington Church Walk and has become ever popular since Gina’s designs have featured on the heads of many infamous names including the Duchess of Cambridge and her bespoke creations gracing the editorials of every glossy fashion magazine.

As a high society brand, Gina Foster has the perfect hat for every occasion which will always include elegance and superb attention to detail. Gina prides herself on personal service to clients which follows through to the great support we offer when selling Gina Foster creations right here at Lovehats. We spoke to Gina Foster, one of our favourite royal milliners to give you a further insight into her world – the Q&A is below!

Gina Foster Couture S|S 13

What was your initial inspiration to go and study millinery?

I knew nothing about millinery before I saw the prospectus from the Kensington and Chelsea College (who have a now renowned two year millinery course) and something about the idea of hat making made me think I’ll give this a go, I had wanted to create a business that I could build up at my own pace and this was going to lead to the opportunity.

How was your experience working under legendary milliner Stephen Jones?

Working with Stephen was a steep learning curve for me, I knew nothing about the fashion world before I worked for the Stephen Jones brand. The most important thing he taught me was about the business side of millinery; about wholesale and having a more commercial approach.

For S/S13 (a selection of which are available by clicking here) you have varying genres of collections – how does the headwear involved in ‘Gina by Gina’ compare to the forms of hats in your  ’Gina Fost Millinery’ selection?

Gina by Gina is my more affordable range, they come in a selection of decided colours rather than much of my other millinery which is made to order, the general feel of Gina by Gina hats results in a slightly younger customer. Where as Gina Foster Millinery is for people who want something a lot more adventurous in their headwear; this rang is for contemporaries and people who want their hats to match outfits they already own.

Have you started work on AW13 yet and what is the upcoming inspiration?

Yes, it’s very nearly finished and the inspiration comes from the great houses of London and their particular architectural details.

Who is the favourite socialite or celebrity that has worn one of your headpieces up to date?

To keep the professionalism of my business I can’t really talk about clients, however I can also say there is no-one in particular I want to wear my designs. What I want is for people to enjoy wearing headwear by Gina Foster.

 Is there one celebrity or personality you would love to wear your work?

No one in particular, I just want people to keep enjoying wearing our hats.

Obviously launching you shop in 2010 was a huge milestone in your brand, what’s the next goal?

As a business with a desire to please the wearer, the main goal is to make the brand more accessible world-wide, through stockists. Although stockists such as do deliver Gina Foster worldwide.

What are your other personal interests apart from millinery?

I follow other aspects of design which mostly include; art, architecture and fashion.

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