Behind the scenes look at the Jane Bailey studio

An Interview with Jane Bailey

Published in Designers.

Jane Bailey’s occasion head-wear fuses both conventional shapes with innovative fabrics to produce hats which are both minimally strong, elegant and eye-catching, the refined sense of her work comes from a lady who had a career in finance and healthcare before creatively flourishing in millinery, practicing under the renowned Noel Stewart and beginning her fresh already critically acclaimed label even though just three seasons young.

Jane’s latest S|S13 collection is fashionably relevant because she says,  ”I begin by taking notice of current fashion trends which helps establish a relevant and current colour palette.” The creative inspirations for her designs come from a constant look-out for inspiration as Jane carries a camera and sketchbook everywhere and also by her fine art MA and love for buildings, “sculpture and architecture both traditional and modern are inspirations, wherever I am I always notice small details on buildings and other structures.”

Jane described her perfect customer as “someone who is stylish, elegant and sophisticated, and comfortable wearing designs with a contemporary twist, and the perfect celebrity customer who would be a modern day version of Audrey Hepburn.”

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Jane believes millinery can be very diverse as a career with possibilities for catwalks, costume or own shops. Jane’s creative diversity was part learnt by Gina Foster and Noel Stewart,  ”Gina was great, she taught me the fundamentals of blocking straw and putting together a simple brim and crown, vital skills that remain with you for life and Noel gave me the confidence to push the boundaries in both design and the use of non conventional millinery materials and yet still create something beautiful and wearable.”

 Jane’s millinery future is being structured towards greatness and Jane is determined to keep the brand strong “Obviously I am only coming into my third season so I am continuing to concentrate on establishing a strong brand identity which will stand time.”