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An interview with Jane Taylor

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Over the past five years the  fashion world has not been able to ignore Jane Taylor’s meteoric rise to success with her unique and contemporary designs. Not only has Jane’s millinery featured in the spreads of every international magazine and newspaper, her designs are a Royal Family favourite with clientèle including; The Duchess of Cambridge, Zara Phillips, The Countess of Wessex, Princess Eugenie and HRH Mary of Denmark! Although this gorgeous and intriguing head-wear isn’t just for Royals, it’s for everyone looking to wear leading-style and glamorous hats.

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We were honoured to have Jane sit down with us and discuss her Royal Ascot 2014 collaboration and find out what’s in store for her brand’s exciting future:

How did the collaboration between you and Royal Ascot 2014 come to light?

The organisers contacted me earlier in the year to be the milliner for Ascot 2014 & to produce their annual high fashion photo-shoot, featuring a commissioned collage by David Mach (titled “The Great British Drama”). I was honoured to be asked to be involved – it is every milliners dream. I’ll be designing hats for a selection of VIP Ascot clients along with of course my regular customers. Ascot also are collaborating with me for their annual Harrods window display where I have designed 7 exclusive one off pieces which you can go and see from the 5th of June.

Jane Taylor, Amanda Wakeley and two models all adoring Jane Taylor and posing with "The Great British Drama" by David Mach, as mentioned above.

What would you suggest for a first time Royal Ascot go-er to wear on their head this year?

Here’s my advice:

- Always think about your silhouette as a whole rather than looking at your outfit as separate elements.

- Make sure your hair is neatly up, or if your prefer to wear your hair down make sure to keep it off your face.

- Don’t wear sunglasses with a hat!

- Complement your face with the shape of a hat, for example if your face is round, wear an angular hat that cuts across your face. Or if your face is more angular, soften it was a rounded hat and soft trim.
If you’re wearing a cocktail hat, wear it pointed down nearly touching your eyebrow.

You will feel amazing wearing an ideal shape that suits your face and style, so make sure you’re advised on what shapes suit you and how to wear your hat.

With everyone desiring to own a piece of your Royal head-wear and your label ever expanding, what are the next steps for the brand? 

I am hoping to move more central in the next year and open a flagship store with a very luxurious vibe. Having collaborated with Emilia Wickstead for the Aw14 LFW I have been in discussion with top designers to design hats for their SS15 collections. Alexander McQueen would be one of my top choices as they create such elegant exquisite designs that compliment my hats so beautifully.

When creating a bespoke head-piece or collection, how do you build inspiration or do you work to a client brief? 

I love researching the trends for each season and collating the colours for the next collection. Creating a mood board and pulling images from old movies, from fashion photography or historic paintings to inspire my designing. Nature is always phenomenally innovative with the minuet to the large-scale elements which always interest me greatly.

Sourcing new materials is another great inspiration to promote my design work. With each new fabric there comes new characteristics and therefore new possibilities for designing and creating. I absolutely love coming across vintage millinery materials because they are so finely made and the quality and finished effect is really outstanding.

Bespoke pieces are always designed for one client taking ideas from the current & older collections. In the consultation we will discuss the piece using their personality, face shape, outfit & occasion as the brief. Bespoke items tend to take around 6 weeks to make and during this process I will have 2 or 3 fittings to discuss & perfect the shape & trim.

Over the past few years, more of the fashion and commercial world are wearing millinery more often – how do you see the millinery industry evolving over the next ten years?

I think men and women are will wear more unusual shapes and more casual hats which can be seen more and more today. There are always new exciting materials coming to light so I am sure there will be advances in the fabrics used.

Lastly, as a huge name in the industry – are there now young milliners you would recommend as the ones-to-watch?

There are a lot of young talented individuals in the industry and I have been lucky to work with many of them in my team over the years. I wouldn’t be able to single any out as all of them have very individual styles and techniques that appeal to different markets. Millinery is a form of art and milliners tend to have a very unique way of designing that is recognized and associated with that one person.


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