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An interview with Season Hats

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There’s a new millinery company turning heads in town, meet Season Hats, a brand who are bringing a modern aesthetic to everyday headwear while still creating a product that is both wearable and flattering. The brand’s launch collection is available on LoveHats now and we caught up with the head strong duo, to discover what makes their brand so special and find out what they’re bringing to the millinery capital of the world, London.

The duo behind Season Hats are Paul Stafford & Selina Horshi, a married couple who met while studying at Cambridge. Now they run Season Hats from a creative and busy South West London studio, there are hats and materials everywhere which the pair are passionate and excited about. On the studio, Selina said, “You always assume a studio is glamourous but it’s not like that – it’s a creative studio, we’re surrounded by a a bag designer, bespoke fashion designer & more but we’re the only milliners here.” The creative vibe is not only obvious from their working space but also from both of themselves.

Selina’s background is in press & marketing where as Paul used to be an accountant but investigated ways in which he could combine his creativity with his scientific training and logical thinking – millinery became his obvious pathway. He said, “I chose to go into millinery because I wanted something in fashion but also it felt natural, I used to make hats for Selina in Cambridge – which were nothing like they are now but they served their purpose.”

Selina added that this working relationship is natural to them both, “We BOTH grew up with parents who shared companies, so this seems normal to us. When we decided it was time to set up – we thought, let’s just do it together.” Paul also admitted that he finds it hard to include a hat in the collection if it doesn’t suit Selina, a testament to their working relationship.

From hats created in university, their hats have come along way with their contemporary and flattering piecing having been featured in top publications, including the latest issue of OK!

ELLE UK in Season Hats

While Seline rose up the ranks at The Economist, Paul’s creative path led him to Kensington College then the Royal College of Art – where he studied under Noel Stewart & went to work for Rachel Trevor-Morgan. On learning from legendary milliner Noel, “He’s lovely, really easy to learn from and he has used so many materials which meant he could adapt well to the students that were there.” And Rachel? “She’s an extreme perfectionist in an amazing way, the finish on everything is amazing. The attention to detail is great. She has two Dachshunds which used to lay on my feet while I work and that’s why we have willow (the Season Hats office dog).”

You can see the influences from these milliners in Season Hat’s beautifully constructed hats but there is something unique and refined about these brand. Who is that refined brand for? Selina thinks, “Our perfect hat wearer could be Emma Watson, someone who is interested In fashion but is also interested in life – she could be our ideal but really we just want a woman to put on the hat and feel good, feel edgy, good about themselves and feel sexy.”

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