Ana Bella Millinery

Ana Bella’s Top Millinery Moments

Published in Designers.

The best uses of millinery can happen anywhere, from the fashion week catwalks to a TV drama scene. Hats are used everyday to add character or to hint at an idea – in a way that only a hat can.

Millinery moments that inspire you, can change your life – especially for someone in the trade of hat making. After we recently interviewed Ana Bella Millinery, we asked her for top 3 millinery moments of all time and here they are! Ana was inspired by millinery moments that had directly touched her:

3) “Winning the Dubai World Cup Best Hat in 2016, while wearing my own headpiece – the moment was very moving for me personally and for my career.”

2) “Debuting my Millinery collection during London Fashion Week in February 2017, for the House of Ikons show. This was such a personal highlight in my career as my headpieces were worn down the runway on international models with over 600 VIP guests watching.”

1) Waking up to my face and hat on the front cover of “The Times” after the Epsom Derby in 2016. I will never forget it, I thought someone was playing a joke on me when they sent me a sneak peek of the page the night before. I got up early the next day to buy the paper, to find it wasn’t a joke. Half the front page was filled with my millinery, my friends wearing my hats and my own face – all after a photographer had randomly asked to take our photo.