Cozmo Jenks

Published in Designers.

Widely acknowledged as one of Europe’s leading milliners, Cozmo Jenks is famed for her off-duty style of glamour and quirky updates on classic British hats.

Cozmo Jenks’ distinctive style is vividly demonstrated by headpieces that combine modernist shapes, luxurious materials and striking embellishments to create magnificent couture pieces.

Spring summer 2012 brings with it a romantic take on flower power and Cozmo Jenks interprets this with the elegance of a bygone era. Her occasion hats are a wondrous riot of colour festooned with bright, blowsy blooms such as peonies, roses and other fabulous flowers that are handmade in Paris. Cozmo Jenks’ collection of 8 hats for stay true to her passion for nature and are all named after traditional British bird species. With designs ranging from frothy pillboxes to rainbow trimmed panamas, Cozmo Jenks is a true British eccentric.