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‘When you invite a hat into your life, it can transform your mood, change an outfit, become part of you, adapt to you and you grow together.’ – J SMITH ESQUIRE

For a piece of truly timeless millinery, J Smith Esquire may be just the ticket – but then again, the forward-thinking milliner is just as likely to conjure up a piece of purely contemporary whimsy. J Smith Esquire is that rare breed, a blend of theatrical dramatics, ingenuity and sheer genius, with technically perfect training, that results in spectacular headpieces.

J Smith Esquire began life as a hairdresser before discovering his passion for hats. Since then he has sewed, knitted, beaded, embroidered, painted, sculpted and created collections inspired by everything from origami to animals; from Victorian Burlesque to dapper English gentleman, and from silver knitted wire to tattooed pigskin.

‘I play a lot with pinstripes, and really traditional English things, and then try and twist them, and turn them on their head, or take them slightly out of context.’ – J SMITH ESQUIRE

So if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, that will really shake up the hat world, you need look no further than J Smith Esquire on Lovehats.com.

J Smith Esquire