Gone with the wind - Millinery

Sophie Beale’s top 3 millinery moments

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The best uses of millinery can happen anywhere; in an enticing movie scene, on a passerby’s outfit or on a catwalk. Hats have been used through time to add character to people, both real or fiction – and to tell a story.

Millinery moments that inspire you, can change your life – especially for someone in the trade of hat making. After we recently interviewed Sophie Beale, we asked her for top 3 millinery moments of all time and here they are!


3) Vivienne Leigh in Gone With the Wind

Vivien Leigh was a British actress who achieved film immortality for roles in films such as Gone with the Wind. In this 1939 stylistic film she wears several different headpieces, which often reflect the mood of the scene (the good times and the bad). However, Sophie's reason for loving the milliner in this film was, "The blistery storm hat drama."

 2) Marlene Dietrich lounging in a beret

Marlene Dietrich was known for her berets, the Film Museum in Berlin are said to have 85 of them. Sophie said this is one of her favourite millinery moments because it's, "Pure chic perfection". We agree!

1) She Ra’s Tiara

So what's number 1? It's She Ra! She was one of the most influential animated cartoons of the 80's (in fact she turned 30 this year). While she might not be someone you'd typically associate with when thinking about millinery moments - her tiara was Sophie Beale's first hat crush.