Meghan Markle - Fedora Hat

Meghan Markle’s Millinery

Published in Fashion.

Suits actress, a contributing fashion writer and now a potential Princess – Meghan Markle is about to become one of the most talked about women in the world, and she has┬áhad many stylish moments.

We have followed her fashion evolution for some time and noticed that Meghan has quite an interest in different styles of headwear! While she hasn’t adorned much ‘traditional millinery’, here we chart some of her best hat moments and details on how you can replicate her style.

Meghan Markle in a baseball Cap. Photo by Splash News.

Meghan was often spotted wearing caps – the style adds a touch of urban attitude or countryside chic with a modern take on a traditional flat cap style. Will Meghan continue to wear caps as a Princess? We’re not sure!

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Meghan Markle carrying one of her many fedora hats. Photo by Splash News.


A stylish and timeless way to accessorise, the fedora gives a nod to the heritage trend. This is a style that Kate Middleton has also worn in the past!

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Meghan Markle wearing a Beanie. Photo by The Image


The must have accessory in terms of warmth and urban appeal, whether for chilly days at home or looking good on the slopes. Just like the cap, we’re not sure how many beanies Meghan will wear on Royal Duties – although we’d love to see it!

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